Cleaning the house vs. creating an online course - a weird analogy

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I KNOW it's weird but Bear with me ...

Toilet brush & rubber gloves at hand ... scrubbing the bowl, I'm thinking, how much I'm loathing cleaning toilets. And WHY do we have more than one toilet anyway?

For DAYS I was thinking about it. MUST clean the toilets. I was looking for excuses.

Again & again. But its GOTTA be done.

And then I got stuck into it. Literally!

Dropped the kids to school, came home, didn't think, just STARTED! #bestapproach

And you know what?

Two hours in, it was all clean & shiny ...

And then I STARTED on the sitting room (aka dump-all-the-art-work room). Usually all the kid's art creations are ALL OVER the place.

So, I'm starting to gather it all into ONE big pile on the floor. And I get stuck into sorting through it. What to keep, what to throw out. What's important, what's valuable, what's not. 

And that's when it struck me. 

One of my very first ever videos...  

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I'm just going to leave this hear to look back on...

Cleaning the house (including the toilets), is just like creating an online course. You're delaying it as much as you can, but once you START & get stuck in, it's not actually that bad.

So why do we do it? Why do we keep delaying big(ger) projects. Instead of just getting on with it & DOING it?

It's all in our mind. Building it up like this big HUGE overwhelming monster. And it's not. It NEVER is. Everything is doable. 

You just have to START & it'll figure itself out.

Analogy in detail (it gets weirder) ...

CLEANING THE TOILETS = sorting out the tech bits (the WORST part), making a decision, which platform to use to keep your course content safe & sound.

MAKING A BIG PILE OF ALL THE ACCUMULATED ART WORK = creating the OUTLINE of your course. Like a brain dump. Writing it all down first. Compiling everything that you COULD teach & then choosing what to (actually) USE + turn into lessons/modules. Aaaand what to lose to avoid overwhelm for your students. 

DUSTING + VACUUMING = creating the slides, making them enjoyable to look at, FUN to go through, easy to learn + apply with lots of actionable tips & takeaways. 

And voilà. 

Your HOUSE is clean = your COURSE is created. 

So, that's it. All you gotta do is START. 😜

Sooo ... 

BATHROOMS first (aka tech bits), then the OTHER ROOMS (the modules), BIG brain dump, get it all OUT on paper (or into Window's Notepad). Throw ALL the artwork on the floor into ONE big (com)pile. THEN start sorting through it. What's worth keeping, what's valuable, what to throw away. 

And that is when I started to ask my people ONE question ... because I did that brain dump & now I needed to get clear on what to KEEP (& include in my course) & what to THROW AWAY (to avoid overwhelm for my students).


I launched Easy Peasy Website Creations on 30th October 2017.  

The result is mind-blowing. But don't just take my word for it. Once you click here, you'll get all the juicy details of what the course entails (and what my students have to say about it).  


Let me know if I'm making ANY sense at all with my weird analogy. Or am I loosing my marbles! 😜

Or, in the comments below, let me know, what YOU would like to learn when it comes to getting a website. I'd LOVE to hear from you.

Let's do this! 👊

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