You want a website
. But you're SO overwhelmed before you even START. 

You're feeling disheartened by the seemingly steep learning curve when trying to figure out all this tech stuff.

You're in your early stage as an Entrepreneur and money doesn't grow on trees.

I get it. And I can help. (In fact, I'd LOVE to.)

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That's me, Kerstin Begley, aka KB… 
Your Website Coach & Click By Click Tech Guide 

Born and raised in East Germany, I moved to Ireland, studied  Journalism & Media Communication, landed a job at Ireland's National TV  Channel, got married to an Irish man and had a baby. In that order. 

We emigrated to Australia in 2009 with a 9-months old and bun in the oven. Five years on I turned my husband's business idea into a website and now thriving business.  

Me creating a website was not part of the plan. Ever. It happened AFTER a bad web designer nightmare situation. The web designer cost us an arm and a leg only to have it crash on D-Day, when 400 fliers were sent out to invite people to our new site. This literally forced me to learn it myself. Overnight! Competing with the postman delivering those fliers. 

Thing was, I had no clue about websites. Never mind creating one. Didn't even know what a button was. True story!

Fast forward a year, I played with WordPress, built a site on Weebly, dabbled in Wix. When I came across Squarespace, I found what I was looking for and never looked back.

A few months after getting stuck into (and obsessed with) Squarespace, I became a Squarespace Circle Member and a short time later got accepted as a Squarespace Authorized Trainer.

People started to ask if I could show them how to do it. So I did. That's when my mission was born...

To enable and EMPOWER go-getters to build their own websites by showing them how to, click by click. Even if they're non-techie. And WITHOUT breaking the bank! 

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I help you get your very own website up and running, and show you HOW to make your own changes as you grow and your business evolves. (So you don't have to hire a web designer ever again.) 

Even if you're NOT tech-savvy. And WITHOUT breaking the bank!

To learn more about how we can make it happen, click here. >>

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Born in East Germany (behind the wall)...

Being (basically) raised in the local library, my foster mum was a Librarian, my lifelong LOVE for reading and learning comes with no surprise. Books helped me escape ...

At 25 I moved to Ireland, studied Journalism & Media Communication, worked at Ireland's National TV Broadcaster, got married to an Irish man, had a baby (in that order). And emigrated to Australia with bun #2 in the oven. 

Here I'm now raising our two kids and two businesses. But there'll always be a little place in my heart for Ireland. 

In Australia I turned my husband's idea into a business generating website and a now flourishing business. 

Creating a site for him happened by accident. Apart from the usual stuff a secretary/PA does, I was non-techie and had no clue about websites. Never mind creating one!

But I had no choice.

The website that was done by a web designer we hired (costing us an arm and a leg), crashed the day we sent out 400 fliers to potential customers inviting them to check out our new site. It was a total nightmare situation but it turned out to be a blessing in disguise...

Because I was forced to learn to do it myself. And FAST. I was determined.

This in turn led me to passing on all I’ve learned over the years to now helping and EMPOWERING others to do the same. By showing them HOW. Click by click. So they too can take website control and build their own gorgeous sites so they never have to pay a web designer again. Even if they're non-techie (like I was). And WITHOUT breaking the bank!

And for those who don’t have the time, patience or intention to ever doing it themselves, I happily do it FOR them. In 5 days!

I love the good ol' belly laughs with good ol' friends, ALWAYS learning, reading and discovering new things (about myself and the Universe). I love the Australian sunset by the beach (preferably with hubby, kids and fish’n chips) or staying in, watching “This Is Us” on NETFLIX over a glass of red. Bliss!

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Kerstin Begley - from secretary to self-taught Website Coach

Born and raised in Germany, Kerstin lived in Dublin, Ireland, for 10 years. She emigrated to Melbourne, Australia, in 2009 with Irish husband and two young children.

In Ireland Kerstin studied Drama, Arts & Theater and later Journalism & Media Communication when she landed a job at Ireland's National Broadcaster.

Kerstin is now running a successful family business as a result of her very first website she created out of necessity having been let down by a web designer.

Kerstin is on a mission to empower thousands of non-techie but driven website newbies to build their own sites, so they never have to pay a web designer again!


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