No, but seriously ...

I'm currently not taking any new one-on-one clients. But I'm in the process of creating an online course, where I show you, ONE click at a time, HOW TO create a gorgeous website. Even if you're NOT tech-savvy. Click for more.

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Before you send me a message, check out my FAQ's. Someone might've already asked exactly the same question & it'll save you time to draft that email. 

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Ask me on Facebook. Or, even better, join my FB community of like-minded new & non-techie Entrepreneurs, where I've already answered SO many questions (with click by click tips & tricks on HOW to create your own website using Squarespace). 

There's no such thing as silly questions! Chances are, someone else is wondering about the same thing & is glad you asked. Plus, we're saving so much time when everyone can benefit from the answers. And I'm all about saving YOU time. It's a WIN-WIN! ;)

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