Dream big and trust the process

Know what you want. Work towards it. And let it go. v3.PNG

At my weekly mediation session ...

At our local Yoga place. This time it was all about being thankful for what we've already got. Right NOW.

And it struck a chord with me ....

Because many, many years ago I wished for a different life. 

I was 14 years old & wanted to leave Germany. I hated my life & wanted to be born again with a mum that was still alive ...

I wanted that NEW life to be in a NEW country. Surround myself with NEW people. Hit RESET & start from fresh.  

No idea where all those thoughts came from ... but then again, I'm not surprised I was thinking them. (Let's just say, I wasn't in a good place.)

I wanted to live ABROAD. And be able to speak English.

I wanted to have children (one day) who spoke English (bi-lingual would be NICE) ... no idea WHERE that came from either. I was 14!

And those thoughts kept coming back for years & years ...

I needed to find Mr. Right. (I wanted the complete opposite to what my mum had.)

But Mr. Right just didn't seem to be ANYWHERE in Germany ... (and I kissed a LOT of frogs in the process. 🐸 😱).

And then (10 years after just wishing & dreaming for SOMETHING to happen), I finally STARTED to take the right steps to get it.

I left Germany for Ireland (for what should've been for 6 months) & guess what ... I found Mr. Right (literally) SIX days later!

Ten years later I emigrated from Ireland to Australia. With the same man + 2 children (who speak English ... AND German!).

And it hit me like a ton of bricks, I got what I always wanted! If not MORE ... 

And I realised ... 

We're not HALF as thankful as we should be for all that we already have (& sometimes take for granted!). Tweet this >>

Thankful to the the Universe & our younger selves for taking the (scary) steps - and all those small & tricky steps in between - to get us where we are right now.

Last night I realised, by me being so damn IMPATIENT (& yes, ungrateful too), I'm pushing away the very thing I want the MOST for our little family right now. A real HOME that I can call our own.

And, I feel, it's not happening because of ME.

So, our meditation coach got us to leave ONE thing behind that's bugging us (as we walk out the door). 

She asked us to think of a new mantra to say to ourselves. Every day. For the next 7 days ... 

What I left behind (or am trying to!), is my IMPATIENCE & FRUSTRATION because I'm not getting 'there' fast enough.  

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The tension we create when we want something blocks it from coming to us; know what you want, work towards it & let it go.
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And my new mantra is ...

Dream BIG and trust the process. Tweet this >>

Because I know it's GOING to happen. It's inevitable. 

For ALL of us. 

In its OWN time. 

And that we are where we NEED to be right now.

I thought I'd share this with YOU. Hoping, you'll take something away from it. 

Maybe you'll realise (like me last night), how lucky you already are.

All the HUGE things you've ALREADY achieved. 

Or you stop being SO darn hard on yourself every day. 

To live in the NOW & not in the "when I have this, I'll be happy" mentality. 

My takeaway (among others) was to wake up and smell the coffee. ☕ Seriously! 

We have to acknowledge what we want & then put it to the side (to give it space to come to us.)

Then work for it, take the RIGHT steps, do something (every day!) TOWARDS it. And it WILL happen. When you least expect it. I'm SURE of it!  

You got this.  👊

To the birth of your very OWN website!

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YOUR turn

A little challenge for you ... in the comments below, tell me THREE things you're thankful for right now.

It can be ANYTHING. From toothpaste to having a drivers license to having a family & a roof over your heads or just plain & simple ... you're thankful for sunshine & rain.

Write it down, take it in & inspire others. 🌟