START before you're ready

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This rang a bell with me ...

I definitely keep doing things BEFORE I'm ready. 🙈

It's how the BEST & most exciting things happened in my life.

Things like ...

  • Moving to Ireland on my own (to improve my English) only to realise, my school English was absolutely useless!

  • Learning English while studying Drama & then Journalism in Dublin.
  • Working in television
  • Joining a theatre group (only to make #friendsforlife).
  • Moving to Australia (this time WITH the language & 3 more people; my husband, my 9 months old & my bun in the oven!)
  • Creating a business for my husband (without a clue of what I was doing).
  • Creating a website (& then another one ...), because I HAD to!
  • Buying (expensive) online courses BEFORE I knew what to actually sell.

Just to name a few ...

NONE of it would've happened if I had waited "until I was ready" ...

  • I wouldn't have had an amazing experience living in Ireland for 10 years. (Initially I came for 6 months & now it feels more like HOME than Germany ever did!) 
  • I wouldn't have found Mr. Right! 
  • We wouldn't have emigrated to Australia & started a NEW exciting life here. 
  • I wouldn't have turned my husband's idea into a (now flourishing) business, bringing woodwork back to the children of this generation.  
  • I wouldn't have learned so many invaluable lessons & CONNECTED with so many like-minded & amazing people in the online world.  
  • I wouldn't have built my own (online) business, SHOWING others, ONE click at a time, HOW THEY can create their OWN websites.
  • AND ... our kids wouldn't be in this world! (I don't even wanna think about that last one!) 

I'm just SO glad I didn't wait "until I was ready"! #thefirststepisthehardest

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It’s better to look back on life & say, “I can’t believe I did that.”, than to look back & say, “I wish I did that.”


In the end we only regret the chances we didn’t take, the relationships we were afraid to have & the decisions we waited too long to make.
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It took ONE leap of faith. Finally moving in the RIGHT direction. And I SO wasn't ready! 

We are NEVER ready for trying something NEW & taking RISKS.

I thank my 24 year old self for taking that FIRST (scary) step into the unknown so many years ago. It literally changed the course of my life. 

I believe that everything happens for a reason.

Even the bad stuff. ESPECIALLY the bad stuff!

You just gotta JUMP. That's the HARDEST part. #taketheleap

Once you jump, it's really not that bad anymore.

Because you grow WITH your challenges.

You LEARN as you go along.

And everything EVOLVES & takes shape!

You grow INTO that new comfort zone. And that "new" comfort zone becomes comfortable ...

Until you're ready & step OUT of it again. And take the NEXT step so YOU and your business can GROW (even) further.

But you gotta START stepping out.

You gotta start BEFORE you're ready.

Don't overthink it (or worry til the cows come home). It won't get you ANYwhere.

We can't perfect what we don't start! Tweet this >>

Try it. You might be surprised at what you're capable of! 

To the birth of your very OWN website!

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YOUR turn ... 

  1. In the comments below, tell me, what's the ONE thing you will START on today (or at the very least, THIS week!). NO MORE delaying.
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