From knowing NOTHING about websites to helping others create their OWN

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People always ask me about my website.

Somewhat surprised ...

"Wow. Did you do this yourself?"

"Yes ... yes, I did." I'd reply. 

It happened by accident.

I know. I KNOW. I hate it too when people say that.

But it did.

And I'm NOT a web designer. Had NO clue about coding. (Still don't know much about it. I don’t have to with Squarespace!)

I never planned on creating my own website. I wouldn't have a clue where to even start. WAY too much hassle (I thought). Too much to learn. Too time consuming. Aaarrgh... HELP!

Because when I started this whole website journey (due to unforeseen circumstances explained below), I was a complete website novice. Totally non-techie in that regard...

I was a secretary (for crying out loud).

Yes, I knew how to use a computer to do my job as a secretary(!) I was fluent in Microsoft Office (incl. PowerPoint and all the shebang). But that's it. Creating a website? I'd RUN! Didn't even know what a button was. True story!


Never mind branding. Wouldn't have a clue about that either. The only thing I ever did creatively was, make family photo books. And that's where my creative side stopped. 

I was definitely NOT a website designer. Everything I learned, including this website you're on right now, is self-learned.

So, no, you do NOT need to be an expert in branding before starting a website. You don't even need a logo (which you can do for FREE with Squarespace once you're on a plan).

All you need to do is START. If you want, with my help and guidance

In my case, I was pretty much forced to learn. Over night. Literally! And it was NOT my choice. But it was the only choice I had. 

Because we were in the middle of a nightmare ...

The back story

Once upon a time ...

My husband, Jim, visited our daughter's kindergarten to make a workbench back in 2013. Together with 22 kids. As you do. He showed them the tools, talked about safety & where wood comes from ...

A seed of an idea was born. But that's another story(board).

Jim told me his idea. We hired a person to help us with the brand, create a logo & fliers. I helped him turn it all into the right words.

As soon as we received the fliers (they looked amazing), we sent them out to 400 kindergartens, inviting all the teachers (our target audience), to visit our new website.

We were SO excited ... 

That day the website crashed!

laptop eyes 2.PNG

Not the best timing to say the least. Our hands were tied. The web designer did all she could, but in the end, her hands were tied too.

The creation had been outsourced. Made in a different country. Two facts she forgot to mention when we hired her.

We couldn't wait any longer and risk everything. (My husband had resigned from his 9 to 5 and we had NOTHING to fall back on.)

So, we had to make a (damage control) decision. We asked the web designer to take down the site. Five minutes later it was down. (Funny, this request she delivered at record speed!)

I didn't even know HOW or where to get a new website. 

I wanted WordPress again (because I didn't know any different at the time), but couldn't figure out how in such a hurry. 

So, that night, I looked at a 1-hour beginner tutorial for building a website on a different platform. Against the clock, trying to beat the postman delivering our fliers. No pressure.

And I created a landing page over night. Quite literally! ...

I didn't even know how to make it into just ONE page, so I had to fill 3 pages with information about what we do. 

Which, as it turns out, was a blessing in disguise. 

We received a booking. 

Moral of the story

Never again will I depend on someone like that again!

BUT out of this "nightmare situation" came the biggest, most powerful lessons. No kidding, it was tough. (So many tears. So much frustration!). But it was good too. It had to happen.

I always believed that everything happens for a reason. I just didn't know what the reason was at the time.

I do now.

Having to do the website myself, showed me, that you can learn ANYTHING (if you put your mind to it).  

AND it brought me to were I am today ...

It’s my mission to enable & EMPOWER start ups to take (website) control by showing them HOW TO build their own websites. Click by click. Even if they're non-techie. And WITHOUT breaking the bank!

If you had told me this 5 years ago, I'd have laughed at the thought of it.

But I believe that ... 

If you can click a mouse, you CAN create a website ... & SO much more! Tweet this >>

By learning to do it YOURSELF, you stay in control right from the start

No more depending on anyone. 

No more playing the "waiting game".

No more paying an arm & a leg for a tweak or to change your offer.

Heck, I paid an additional $330 to have 3 buttons added!! When I realised later, it takes just a few clicks to do it, I was fuming (at myself) for not learning it sooner. 

Because you CAN do it YOURSELF ... 

Even if you're NON-techie ... 

Even if you've NO clue about websites & you don't know WHERE to start. 

Even if you don't know how to add a button, never mind linking it to another page ...

EVEN if you don't know what an opt-in is or a pop up OR a widget.

It's all just GOBBLEDYGOOK to you.

I've been there. I learned the HARD way. But you don't have to. 

There's SO much I wanna show you ... 

Which is why I'm working on something AMAZING behind the scenes.

An online course to ENABLE & EMPOWER you to create your OWN gorgeous website. With Squarespace.

And I'm hoping to LAUNCH very SOON!



Your Website Creation Coach & Click By Click Tech Guide 🤓 

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PSST!… That course is now created...

After writing this Blog, I put my heart and soul into creating my (now flagship) online course, Easy Peasy Website Creations. A proven click-by-click system for creating your OWN gorgeous Squarespace website for new & non-techie Entrepreneurs. 

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7 Steps To A Website.

Wanna build your own website but you're totally non-techie and have no idea where to even begin?

I've been there. And I'm living proof that you totally CAN!
Click below and grab my FREE step-by-step guide to start your own site, take website control and never have to pay a web designer ever again. 

Includes click-by-click video tutorials... Something I wish I had when I started!

It's so easy-peasy, you can do it in bed, PJ's on. (Over coffee and chocolate... yum.)

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YOUR turn ...

ONE question I'd really like to know (and your input could potentially help others see that they're not the only ones...  

In the comments below, tell me, what's the ONE thing that's holding YOU back from getting started with your website?