What does Keanu Reeves have to do with Squarespace?

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Make it happen. With Squarespace.

Here we were, minding our own business, watching Charlie & the Chocolate Factory (the original version with Gene Wilder) with the kids on a Saturday night.

When suddenly this ad comes up. Keanu Reeves. Sitting by the fire. Creating a Squarespace website. In the desert!

What a brilliant move by Squarespace. It also means, Squarespace is getting traction. Becoming the #1 choice for new Entrepreneurs

A fact I LOVE very much.  

And if you're anything like me & you're using Squarepace (or are considering it), you'll get so much enjoyment out of just watching these videos. Or maybe I'm just weird like that! #squarespacenerd 🤓 

Last year it was John Malkovich. Now Keanu!

And those websites actually exist. I checked. And from all the research I did since I saw the ad, Keanu Reeves is an actual Squarespace customer.

How cool is that?

I was even more gobsmacked when Keanu Reeves said the exact same things I keep telling my clients. I literally got goosebumps.

Since starting out with Squarespace a few years ago (after giving WordPress a fair shot of 6 months, then Weebly, then Wix), I keep telling my peeps ...

If you can click a mouse, you CAN create a website. Even if you're non-techie! TWEET THIS >> 

It's true. You really can.

If I, a plain secretary, can do it, than so can you

Like Keanu Reeves says ...

"It may be hard. It may be easy. But either way, YOU are capable!" Tweet this >>

"Everyone thinks, making websites is impossible. But they're wrong." - Keanu Reeves, Squarespace customer TWEET THIS >>

After seeing that ad, of course, I had to Google it. To see how that came about. And if there are more where that came from. There are. 

Every time I watched another clip, I felt SO on the right track with what I've been telling my clients all along.

I told them things I thought was only my opinion. My feeling about Squarespace. (Because I believe that choosing the right website creation platform has to be a FEELING.) And how Squarepace makes it so darn easy for you, for new & non-techie Entrepreneurs, heck, for ANYONE, to build a site.

I couldn't help but feel privileged that I help people do just that. Create their OWN websites. With Squarespace.

"YOU are an important person. A unique creature. There has never been anyone just like you. And never will be. The power to do anything YOU can imagine is within you, when you discover your REAL self. Make it happen! With Squarespace."

"You are worthy of your dreams. Put them ... on the internet!" TWEET THIS >>

The amazing script ;)

"I came to the desert to make my website. But you can make yours anywhere. First, you must pick the right domain name. I chose archmotorcycle.com. But you should pick a name that is not my company. It may be hard. It may be easy. But either way, you are capable! Once you named your website, you now have a critical decision ahead of you. It's time to select ... a template! Choosing photos is all about the feeling. And then you need to tell the world what your vision is."

"When passion meets inspiration, an obsession is born. Our passion for motorcycles has inspired a unique blend of design and performance."

"Or something like that." As Keanu continues on his site, a tear rolls down his cheek. "It's beautiful."

"Once you're done and you're happy, the world will welcome your creation with open arms."

I don't quite get the bit where he throws his laptop into the flames. But he's Keanu Reeves. He can buy another one. 

My takeaway: Don't ask. Just DO it. TWEET THIS >>

"For me this all began with a love of riding motorcycles. Turning that into a business really came from the feeling being a part of creating something that I wanted to take into the world. In terms of choosing a website for Arch Motorcycle, the conversation is really based around form, function and design. It's really one of the windows into the world for Arch Motorcycle and for people to experience who we are and what we do. There's something about Squarespace that's really accessible but then also can become sophisticated. There's challenges, everywhere. In the sense of working on what you're creating, bringing your message to the world. And that keeps evolving. In terms of developing the website with Squarespace and with Arch, it was a really great way for us to bring Arch Motorcycle into the world." 

See? He's just like any of us. 

And WOW! So many amazing takeaways that I agree with 100%.

A website ALWAYS evolves. Amen to that! 

"We're always trying to find an actual genuine customer story. And if we can actually find that and it happens to be someone of a caliber such as a Keanu Reeves, that's just like a win-win situation. We stumbled upon his motorcycle company. As soon as we found out that it was actually on Squarespace and he'd been a customer since 2015, it crystallised in our head that this would be a very interesting opportunity for us." David Lee, CCO Squarespace

"Our reaction to Keanu coming on board was organic, just because we had met him first. And because of our process, we collaborated closely with the celebrity and actually were still changing scripts based on what he liked and what he thought. He was so humble and so collaborative and very creative as well. And he had some input on the script. So, we were over the moon." - Sandra Nam, Head of Content Studio, Squarespace 

"He wouldn't do anything that he didn't believe in. That's ultimately what we all respect about him. And even throughout the process when we had narrowed down on a particular territory and an idea and started to get into scripts, he actually was very involved in making them better. A lot of the stuff you're seeing, out in the world, has a large part to do with his input. It was a very seamless and organic partnership with him. I asked him, point blank, 'What compelled you to actually make your own motorcycle company? That's notoriously one of the hardest things to do as a small business.'

And he paused and looked at me and said, 'Because we're all gonna die.'" - David Lee, CCO Squarespace


Still not sure about Squarespace? ;) 

Here's some more #inspiration

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YOU got this! 👊

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