Showing up YOUR way is more FUN

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It pays to be YOU!

Do you ever act on an idea on impulse?

Write a Facebook post or email to your people on the spur of the moment?

Before even blinking and giving your brain a chance to change your mind? 

I did. Two days ago.

(And I'm doing it again, right now, turning this experience into a Blog in between brushing the kid's teeth & tugging them in. #dontjudge.)

I bought this lovely coffee mug about teaching & encouraging & inspiring (& took a picture of it, as you do). As I was attaching the image to share on Facebook & typing out the post, my fingers typed faster than my mind could think. Literally!

Suddenly I found myself sharing my appointment scheduling link for 3 people (first come, first served) to get a FREE 30-min consultation with me. (I use Calendly. LOVE it. It's FREE. Just sayin'!)

And I hit "Publish"

Two(!) mins later an email notification comes in ...

Someone had made an appointment. 

24 hours later, all 3 spots were gone. 

48 hours later, my website creation package *Website Done FOR You* was SOLD OUT. 

Why am I sharing this with you? 

Because I didn't invite them for a coffee chat to talk about my website creation package never mind asking for money. I wanted to talk about THEM. What they do. Where they're at. LEARN about them & HOW I can help!

And I nearly said no, when I was asked, if I'm taking any new clients. In fact, I did. Say no. I said, I could only start in two months time. 

Guess what. 

She wanted me anyway.

And what else?

She went to my Website Done FOR You page & paid in full 10 mins later!  

I was gobsmacked. How could this happen so easily when I'm not even trying? When getting new clients wasn't even on my radar?

Yet, when I AM trying, it's so darn hard?  

And then I realised ...

Recently I had stopped doing things the way we "should". The way we're "supposed" to. The way we're told to by everyone (and their dog) in the online world.

I spent literally THOUSANDS of hard-earned $$$ on online courses over the last 2 years to soak it all up. Learn. Learn. And LEARN! Putting so much pressure on myself to do it RIGHT.

Only to realise, it's okay to just be me

And that's when it happened.

Don't get me wrong, I always did show up as me. But this time, I also did it MY WAY. Unplanned. Unprepared. Spontaneous. On impulse. (GASP!)

And I liked it. And they did too. The right people did. And all you want is the RIGHT people. Don't worry about the others.

The others are going to unsubscribe & unfollow you. And that's okay. Because they weren't ever going to buy from you anyway. In fact, it's GOOD they left. Because now you get a better open & click-through rate with people who actually want to read your stuff, open your emails & are interested in what you have to say.

So, let's celebrate UNsubscribers. Nurture the RIGHT people. Be YOURSELFDo it YOUR WAY. Have FUN! Tweet this >>

I have a feeling 2018 will be different. GOOD different. I don't know how. Or what. I don't have it all figured out. Probably never will. Just like everybody else. But that's what it's all about. 

And I'm challenging YOU to show up YOUR WAY in 2018. (What's the worst that can happen?)

I'm always here to help.

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Over to YOU ...

In the comments below, tell me ...

1. Give me ONE thing you're going to focus on to make 2018 YOUR year. (Because if
   you write it out, you're more likely to ACT on it.)

2. What's YOUR word for 2018? No, really, I'd like to know. Tell me below!