How to get your readers back to your site after they sign up to your Email list via MailChimp

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A quick and easy way to get your readers back to YOUR site!

Did you ever wonder how to get your people back to your site AFTER they sign up to your Newsletter using a third-party EMS (Email Marketing Service) like MailChimp?

In my GDPR Blog (and YouTube tutorial), I talked about GDPR and the exact steps I took to get GDPR ready.

I also mention a Thank You page.

TODAY, I'd like to show you, click by click, how to create a Thank You page in Squarespace and link it to Mailchimp...

So that people are automatically guided back to your Squarespace website after they left it to sign up to your newsletter via your new GDPR compliant MailChimp form. 😉

That way you won't lose any of your visitors as they come back to your site and keep exploring and read what you're all about. 

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The YouTube tutorial

Like the video? Check out my YouTube channel here. >>

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Creating a Thank You page in Squarespace

  1. In the Main Menu go into Pages
  2. Scroll down to the NOT LINKED section
  3. Click on the Plus (+) symbol
  4. Click Page (instead of Cover Page!)
  5. Name your page
  6. Choose your Layout
  7. Click START EDITING (see video at 1:48 mins)
  8. Style your page, i.e. add your image (see video above)
  9. Add your text
  10. Add your button(s)
  11. Click Save 

You can style/change your fonts and colours in the Style Editor (see video at 3:47 mins).

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Linking your Thank You page to MailChimp

(see video at 7:39 mins)

  1. Go into your MailChimp account
  2. Click on List at top
  3. Click into the List you want to work with
  4. Click Signup forms
  5. At Form Builder click Select
  6. At the Forms and response emails section, click for the drop-down menu
  7. Select Confirmation thank you page
  8. At the field just above MailChimp's default thank you page, enter the link of your website's thank you page, you just created.
  9. Click Save

And that's it. You're all DONE. 🤓

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Resources I mention in the video - My favourite stock photo library. It's FREE!

Paint - A desktop app (Microsoft) I use to easily adjust image sizes to reduce loading time for my (and client's) websites. 

I hope this Blog helped you. Let me know in the comments below. 

I'm always here to help. 

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Your turn

  1. In the comments below, let me know any thoughts and if this helped you at all.

  2. Tell me (to help me help you), what's the ONE thing you struggle with the MOST when it comes to building a website?