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"I QUIT!"  

That was the subject line to my VIP email list on 12th December 2016.

It was the VIP list for a business idea I called The German PA. It didn't work. The name that is.  

And I wanted to explain to my VIP's (who trusted me right from the start, which I'm so thankful for), what had happened since my last email to them 3 months earlier.

I know ... that's WAY too long! 

Of course I didn't quit. I'm not a quitter. I changed direction. But it did get their attention.

And then I explained EVERYTHING ... 

What happened since that last email in September? 

I like to be transparent. After all, that's what my peeps signed up for. To get first hand insider info on how I'm making it happen ... living my dream (life). Whatever it takes. 

And I promised, they'll be the first to be updated. On ANYTHING. I wanted to deliver on that promise. So, I did. 

Thing was, since launching The German PA, I got asked ONE too many times if I did PA work. And I'm not. I wasn't. It was NOT what The German PA was about. At all. 

So, I thought, there's obviously something wrong with that name. It's misleading ... (What was I thinking?)

And before I even started to beat myself up about it, I changed track. 

No point in sticking with something when you know it won't work (& your heart isn't in it) ... 


But the GOOD THING is, I had to go through this in order to realise, where I'm heading. 

I also realised, copy editing & proofreading (despite having done it for 15+ years), is not what rocks my boat ... creating something is. Creating WEBSITES. 


BUT ... making a mistake like picking the wrong name also means, learning a lesson, changing direction and finding the right path. And that's exactly what I did.  

And as soon as I realised this, I immediately changed my business name and the website, heck, the whole freakin' business model! 

And the result is this website.

Launched on Friday, 9th December 2016 ...

It looks totally different now (two years after writing this Blog) then it looked then... because a website always changes as you and your business grow.

In between learning all about yet another website creation platform (Squarespace), email auto-responder (MailChimp) AND some other tools to connect all the bits & pieces so they can "talk" to each other ...

Did I learn a lot? Absolutely!  

And because it's nice to have (to look back on when it's OLD news), here's the timeline:

  • 1st June 2016 - launched The German PA with a landing page (& a Freebie)
  • 2nd September 2016 - last email to subscribers from The German PA
  • 5th September 2016 - had a shower
  • 23rd September 2016 - registered URL kerstinbegley.com with domain provider
  • 4th October 2016 -  chose website host & subscribed
  • 21st October 2016 - started website creation
  • 9th December 2016 - launched THIS website (including a NEW Freebie)
  • 10th December 2016 - first subscriber hopped on board (out of nowhere)
  • 14th December 2016 - first booking of my 1-hour website coaching call

PHEW!! What a ride and now I am excited to see what will unfold... 

Because this is it. This is what it was supposed to be all along...

I got a big dreamy vision for us all... 

It's a FEELING... and I can't shake it.


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